QA & QC Testing

Our knowledge allows us to deliver the product software that will make your organisation flourish.

Pixus testing software engineers operate with a multitude of instruments and adapt to our customers requirements and expectations. Together with our expertise in Agile development, automated and manual testing provide the foundation for ensuring that your project succeeds.

Software testing measures and enhances software quality.

It serves as a reference for decision-making by stakeholders. Software testing is one of Quality Assurance (QA) operations. Experts in QA enhance the quality of software by tracking procedures and projects and continuously improving them. Using main metrics, they increase software quality, assess software scalability and efficiency, provide process assurance and documentation management, and analyze safety and architectural hazards.

Our software testing and QA team communicates continuously in real time with our customers. They outline how to produce world-class outcomes based on a extensive QA and testing scheme.

As the significance of software increases, testing becomes a strategic concern.

By combining manual and automated testing with the expertise of Pixus Agile Testing Center of Excellence, Pixus offers you QA software and testing services to ensure that your software meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

Our QA & Testing solutions software

  1. Functional or Manual Testing: Regression, Smoke, Risk- Based Test, Exploratory, Web & Devices.
  2. Automation.
  3. User Interface (UI): GUI, usability, navigability, cross browser.
  4. Load testing.
  5. API testing.
  6. Acceptance testing.
  7. Performance: load, stress, concurrence & performance.
  8. Installation & configuration.
  9. Security.
  10. Unit testing & continuous integration.