Gamification of Project


We encourage individuals to engage in your environmental or social project and its results during the execution of the project with the Project Gamification service. We are doing this by turning your initiative into an exciting search for practical assignments (missions) in which individuals can complete distinct levels for advancement, gain points and ability badges for members and achieve appealing benefits. We also provide you with a constant assessment of the commitment and advancement of the project and adapt the gamification request to this assessment.

Overall, with PIXUS Project Gamification service you get:

  • Assessment of the needs of your project participants in terms of engagement
  • A set of proposals on the gamification of your project based on the needs assessment for you to choose from
  • Testing of the chosen project gamification proposal and its implementation with adjustments for maximum performance and desired results
  • “Players' Journey” for your project with concrete missions for its participants, levels of increasing complexity, skill-testing challenges, and the framework of badges and rewards
  • Custom design of all elements for your gamified project, such as informative landing page, registration page, player avatars, mission icons, skill badges, challenge rewards, and other
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of the performance of applying gamification within your project and timely support in resolving any appearing issues
  • Final report on the results and impact of your gamified project with special focus on engagement and performance of its participants.

Serious Game Development


We are pleased to create a customized serious game for your particular requirements with the Serious Game Development Service. The service involves designing, developing and testing a game that fits your organisation's goals, targeting players, anticipated outcomes and desired learning and beneficial impacts. We keep you updated on advancement of the growth of the game so that every characteristic and design component in the game meets your needs and expectations.

Our specialization is serious games that enhance youth learning and achieve certain positive social and environmental changes.

  • Web- or app-based video games
  • Social / board games
  • Activity games