Services & Solutions of DevOps:

Automating end-to-end distribution pipeline across cloud platforms for enhanced effectiveness, time-to-market quicker, and cost reduction. Creating, orchestrating and connecting on - the-go digital elements to DevOps.

Our DevOps Services:

DevOps brings procedures, individuals & technology together to automate the delivery of software products in order to provide your customers with ongoing value. We deliver software quicker and more reliably with our DevOps services & solutions — no matter how large your IT department is or what systems and instruments you use.

DevOps Advisory Services

Use DevOps consulting services to speed up market speed. Our experience in the domain includes server orchestration, server support, virtualization and safety for servers

Infrastructure Automation

Our IT infrastructure automation services help companies speed up their IT operations to reach the peak of achievement in their IT operations.

Management of DevOps configuration

Provide a comprehensive set of instruments to quickly identify issues and increase agility to leverage the highest quality of services. We can handle your lean operations with knowledge.

Continuous deployment and integration

Our DevOps team offers continuous integration and distribution services with services & solutions to construct, test and release quality code securely using a range of instruments.

Monitoring infrastructure

We empower IT operations with the surveillance and management of cloud and seller agnostic infrastructure. Before they happen, we pre-empt hurdles ; maintain system efficiency at 100 percent.

Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)

To provide comprehensive DevOps software development services such as planning and execution of strategies, Pixus offers DevOps as a service and owns this expertise.

We Align Devs & Ops Effectively

The best-in-class development tools and state-of - the-art activities are used by our DevOps team to expand your company and take you the best of both worlds.

Engineering benefits

Continuous delivery of software Facilitation of release planning Efficient resolution of issues

Profits for business

Stable faster delivery function Area of operation Spare Time for adding value

We Provide Our Customers Solutions & Robotics Services

Services DevOps can assist you

  1. Maintain consistency in the delivery of your software
  2. Reduce the complexity of controlling your systems
  3. Solving issues when and when they happen
  4. Improve your teams efficiency
  5. Improve your IT systems and streamline your procedures
  6. Automating repetitive duties in your routine
  7. Automatic Control Systems