Continuous Security

High Level Cloud Security through Enterprise-grade Management


Evaluate, configure and regulate your cloud security activities For almost every business, security has always stayed a significant issue, particularly when migrating information and apps to the cloud. The need to tackle this issue by offering ongoing safety has become imminent in cloud migration policies at the enterprise level, making it imperative for companies to know the complexity that came with ongoing cloud security and its standards.
Security is a complicated area involving different networks, techniques and specifications of compounds. Business requirements continue to alter with quickly growing technology as new devices are brought into the network and ongoing security management becomes a challenge. The key to successful security management is to analyze complicated settings while offering continuous assessment visibility to guarantee that only what should be permitted is efficient access. Establishing controls and continuously assessing the network's safety environment separates efficient ongoing security management from the remainder.


At Pixus, our team of security management professionals will provide alternatives for status change laws, component dependencies and warnings that give your business ideal safety and safety at incident level. Based on the demands of your company and type of company, we will:

  • Identify security requirements at the design phase level
  • Identify security functions based on the solution type
  • Use known, bug-free and vulnerability free technologies
  • Recommend environment security setup
  • Monitor and manage security configurations
  • Employ testing strategies to confirm solution security posture

Our ongoing cloud safety management solutions have supplied dozens of businesses with a extensive cloud safety approach while assisting them proactively address the ever-increasing safety threat. Continuous safety advantages are multiple. Not only does it ensure that your safety settings are always optimized, it also offers you with:

  • 24/7 rapid response & incident reporting
  • Data security and API security services
  • 24/7 log monitoring to identify security threats
  • Usage of bug-free & known technologies
  • Monitoring & management of security configurations
  • Enhanced technology status reporting
  • Security product configuration & optimization
  • Security policy configuration changes


Improving safety implies for us in PIXUS more than simply solving complexities. We believe that the efficiency of safety activities, technology and procedures for the entire company is measured through ongoing safety. This is a constant method which allows us to measure our outcomes in due course, by assisting us establish a structure for improving safety activities. It provides a proactive and expanded coverage.

A team of qualified technicians are involved in ongoing security management solutions for every business project in our expert security management team.
They guarantee that the OWASP and other overall safety rules comply with each implementation plan and that the technology vulnerability alerts are kept in mind.
This skilled group also educates our teams about the recent safety problems, safety programming and design norms. They conduct numerous invasive tests to guarantee safety against attacks and provide customer advice for their particular company infrastructure safety, using instruments such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, DOS attacks and others.